Welcome to the Elayio houses

Aghios Petros for us, that is how we always called it, was “love at first sight”, the thing we saw and we told “I love it!” at once.
That’s is how it’s done and we spent beautiful summers there raising our children and being creative, at the same time! Who could ask for something better?
Let us go with the house-flow, we said, and that’s how we started, with the energy of the land, the nature and the tradition on our side.
And thus “Elayio” exhales the calmness of the old and traditional villages while at the same time provides a pleasant accommodation with all modern comforts and services.

Elayio old town
Several years after its first restoration in 1988, it’s time for “Kouros”, a once smooth ambient bar back in its days, to take a turn. This time we thought that, while preserving its older aura, it should be best used as accommodation, rather than night-life entertainment. The spot is ideal; in the heart of the old town’s pedestrian area, it has just what it takes to make you feel the island’s vibration, located within reach of the market, coffee shops and restaurants. The house’s terraces have views of the central port to the south and, of the scenic pedestrian street that leads to Megalochari church to the north.

Makis – Maria

Elayio, a name that hides inside meanings and sounds, familiar to every one of us.

A few words about Aghios Petros

Aghios Petros bay is located at the south part of Tinos, below the picturesque village of Kardiani. A small dirt road leads you to the sea, and the whole area is preferred for moments of relaxation and serenity as well as revitalization and pure creation.

Nearby there is Kalivia bay with a beach bar and Giannakis bay with two restaurants, literally, by the sea.